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Click to view details for Peter de Manio Peter M. de Manio

Peter first rowed as a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. He took up the sport again many years later and competed successfully as a master in both sculling and sweep events for several years, wnning the National Championship in his age group in 1991 as well as being in the gold medal eight the same year. In 1991 he began studying to be a rowing coach, brought winning crews to Riverview, Sarasota, Cardinal Mooney and Pine View and also founded the original Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing program, not to be confused with another club now operating with the same name. The original Sarasota Scullers became the Osprey Oars. His programs have earned an international reputation for excellence.
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Click to view details for Andy Berster Andy  Berster

Andy learned to row while a Sarasota Sculler with Peter as his coach and was a freshman when Bill Plifka was in his senior year. Andy was the co-captain with his cousin Chris Liwski in 1997-98. He earned a rowing scholarship to Syracuse University where he rowed for four years...
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Click to view details for Chase Hagaman Chase  Hagaman
Assistant Coach

Chase is an exceptional athlete who while in high school placed fourth in his weight class in the Illinois State Wrestling Championships. In his senior year of high school, he moved to Sarasota and joned the Osprey Oars. As a novice he performed exceedingly well and stroked the varsity quad that placed 5th in the Youth National Championships in Cincinnati. His work ethic and athletic ability made him a strong choice to fill the spot vacated by Sara Cavallo who moved to Colorado and we are pleased to have him setting a high example for our athletes.
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Click to view details for Jonathan Steel Jonathan E. C. Steel

Jonathan has been a competing oarsman all his life and first met Peter on the race course in a coxed fours race at the Master's World Championships. He is quick to point out that his boat got the better of Peter's boat that time, taking second to Peter's third. He helped to found the junior's rowing program at Molesey Boat Club in England, and when Peter's crews have competed in England, Jonathan has assisted. He also comes to visit here each year in time to help tweak our boats into final shape for the major championships, and with very good results.
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Click to view details for Dick Yochum Dick  Yochum
Visiting Guest Coach

Dick and Peter have known each other since the late 1980s. Dick rowed at Syracuse University and has competed as a Master since recorded time, often with Peter in the same four or eight. He has coached in successful programs in the Rochester area for many years and now visits Sarasota on a regular basis at which time he assumes the role of visiting coach and renders Osprey Oars a great deal of help and insight.
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