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Osprey Oars believes strongly that the sport of rowing provides one of the best educational experiences for young men and women. In the very early years when Peter coached Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program, one of the rowers expressed it best when he said, “Peter made me aware of just how much I was capable of accomplishing and how far I could push myself.” That young man received a scholarship to row at Loyola Marymount, California, and now teaches school. Numerous other graduates of the program have voiced similar expressions of appreciation for what Peter de Manio teaches. They went on to row at many outstanding universities. Today many of the graduates are physicians, lawyers, accountants, businessmen, military officers, teachers, writers, investment bankers, ministers and other professionals - including five who have become full or part time rowing coaches.

Osprey Oars is about commitment, a dedication to the teammates, a willingness to make sacrifices and to keep pulling and maintaining the rhythm of the boat even when every muscle in the body wants to quit. Each rower knows that failure on his or her part spells failure for the entire boat. It is a matter of trust. A rower learns to trust the others and knows that each of the others trusts and relies upon him or her. This attitude carries over to tasks on land such as tying down an expensive boat on a trailer that is about to go across the country, or seeing that the equipment is properly maintained so that there is not a breakdown at a critical moment in a race. It is development of complete trust in each other on land and on the water.

Osprey Oars teaches leadership and mutual support by creating an atmosphere wherein the athletes are faced with real problem solving situations on a daily basis and are required to take appropriate action through the exercise of their own initiative. Osprey Oars has no captains. Every athlete is taught to lead, to see a problem, recognize the need for action and then execute a solution.

Osprey Oars is about setting high goals and individual challenges. It is about the love of the chase and the challenge, not always about winning. When the challenges are great, the memories will last forever.

Peter’s stress upon excellence in performance has led to nineteen state varsity championships, three national scholastic championships as well as winning or placing very high in many major regattas. It has never happened at the expense or sacrifice of the values of commitment, responsibility, leadership or duty. Osprey Oars believes that because rowing is so physically demanding, the joy in the sport is derived from the discipline it requires and the demands it makes of each athlete. The quest is as great a pleasure as the victory.

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