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The crew rapidly grew too big for Peter’s backyard. In addition, it had acquired an eight and some fours from Rollins College and it needed a beach from which to launch. Enter Christine Starker (Butler) and Michael Butler who allowed us to come on to their property, clear it of Australian Pines and build some racks. Frank Howell became the master contractor for the project and we soon had a new home.

The Riverview crew of 1991-‘92 was an immediate success with strong support from its three faculty sponsors, John Cooper, Kevin Flynn and Earle Jones who all worked hard to launch a winning season. The fledgling crew accomplished goals deemed unattainable at the beginning of the season. The first year novice Rowing Rams set a standard for our future crews, stretching themselves beyond perceived limits and rapidly earned state wide respect. Repeatedly throughout the season when the crews could have easily won gold medals racing at the novice level, they chose to challenge themselves against junior varsity and varsity crews and produced medal winning performances.

They tasted their first competition at the Head of the Hooch in Atlanta and later at the Head of the Broad in Hilton Head, South Carolina in singles, fours and eights where they won a gold medal, two silver and two bronze medals.

The spring season started with the Mayor’s Cup where the men’s and women’s crews collected a total of three first place finishes added two seconds and a third. By the end of the regatta, everyone knew who the new kids on the block were and we weren’t being called “Riverside” anymore. At the President’s Cup in Tampa our Men’s 4+ defeated the Rollins College Freshman by 1.25 seconds in what the announcer described as one of the best races of the day. We now had the reputation of being willing to accept any challenge. At the Florida Crew Classic, now known as The Gainesville Crew Classic, Kyle Donovan, Brian Davis, Kevin Biegel, Spencer Duffey and cox Jane Livingston (all novices) raced in the Varsity 4+ and won our first ever varsity gold medal covering the 2000m course in 6:58. Meanwhile, the women were establishing their reputation by defeating several collegiate crews in the fours and eights.

These brash novices continued their medal winning performances in Miami, Melbourne and at the FIRA regatta in Tampa against varsity and junior varsity crews. In Tampa, Sandy Hogle established a reputation for toughness that would become identified as part of the character of our crew when she went to the starting line with a fractured finger, re-fractured it at the start, continued racing and won a gold medal in her 8+.

In its first State Championship Regatta, Riverview’s novice crew finished sixth in total points out of the twelve competing crews while winning silver in the Men’s JV 8+ and bronze in the Women’s 3rd 4+.

At season’s end, racing against 18 crews from Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida at the Southeastern Championships in Atlanta, the Men’s crew was in full stride, winning five medals in five events, and the women’s crew added a sixth medal. The men took the gold in the Novice 8+ and Novice 4+, then rowed up and won silver medals in the Junior Varsity 4+ and Varsity 4+ and then added a gold medal in the Intermediate 8+. The women elected not to race Novice and instead tested themselves by rowing up and winning a silver medal in the Intermediate 8+.

Riverview seniors, Steve Bouffard, Leigh Brantley, Brian Davis, Kyle Donovan, Spencer Duffey, Beth Hoefer, Drew Rutledge and Stacey Warden will always be remembered for their roles in getting high school rowing off to a great start in Sarasota.


Christine Starker Butler to whom rowing in Sarasota owes a great deal of thanks for her financial support as well as allowing us to row out of her back yard when we had no where to go. Christine has served on the Board of Directors of the original Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program and the Osprey Oars.

Kevin Flynn who, along with Earle Jones and John Cooper, responded with enthusiasm to Peter�s request for help and support when it was so greatly needed to get rowing started in the schools.

Peter de Manio founded the Sarasota Scullers which eventually sponsored the youth rowing programs in the Sarasota County schools. Here Peter is rigging the boats for the Riverview Rams at the Head of the Hooch, Riverview�s first regatta.
Frank Howell brought his expertise to bear in helping to build the racks. Frank was one of the original adult Sarasota Scullers when the adults had their own boats and loaned them to the students to learn to scull. Frank has served as a director of the Sarasota Scullers and Osprey Oars since for many years.
Cody Vaughan-Birch, Frank Howell, Devin Harms, an unidentified rower and Beth Hoefer work to clear the land for the new racks to hold the boats at the Starker-Butler home.
Earle Jones, one of our first sponsors and a super recruiter, solved the problem of a broken bus door by tying it shut with his shoe lace on the way to Atlanta for the Hooch.
Ann Lambrecht, our only rower with any prior experience, lends a helping hand to the crew who had paddled up Phillippi Creek to Riverview for a show and tell session for recruiting.
Our old wooden Kaschper Four, Penn Alumni, donated to the program by Peter and Betsy, was a great attraction with its beautiful finish.
Jane Livingston coxed the girls four of Stacie Niehaus, Rachel Bass, Ann Lambrecht and a mystery bow under the Stickney Point Bridge on the way back from Riverview.
Angela North, not only a good coxswain, but also a great cheer leader and entertainer as she shows here on the bus trip back from the Hooch in Atlanta.
Boys' 4+ and girls' 4+ engage in a morning practice when we were doing two a days in preparation for the upcoming season.
Our first 8+, the Cecil Bradley, being launched off of the Starker-Butler beach. After the Cecil Bradley finally sank from old age, Peter sawed of its bow and mounted it on a plaque to make a trophy to honor those rowers who rowed for four years.
Josh Lang, Kevin Biegel, Jane Livingston and Spencer Duffey show off the Sarasota Scullers� banner at the wine tasting fund raiser at Phillippi Estate Mansion.
Cody Vaughan-Birch, Devin Harms, Kevin Biegel, Spencer Duffey and Jane Livingston shove off from the dock on their way to Riverview�s first race. They rowed up from Novice Division to Youth Division and still placed 5th out of 12.
Peter instructed and prepared the crew in rigging for the Head of the Hooch.
Riverview Crew Crest, Commitment.

1991 - 1992

1991 - 1992

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