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Standing on the banks of the Charles River in October of 1995 and watching the Harvard 4+ with Dinko Vucemilovic (Riverview ’93) racing in the Championship Fours, Pete Bogacz (Sarasota ’95) racing in the Syracuse Freshmen boat in the Youth Eights, Angela Henley (Riverview ’95) racing in the Youth Eights for the University of Central Florida, Rob Woelfel (Cardinal Mooney ’95) pulling hard for Orange Coast in the Championship Eights, Bill Plifka (Sarasota ’95) in the Freshmen Northeastern Eight and Grant Earl (Cardinal Mooney ’94) in the Northeastern Varsity Eight in the Championship division provided a graphic demonstration of how far our program had come in five years.

Add to that experience of seeing all those former rowers from our program the fact that Tim White, Matt Liwski, Josh Guill, Chris Marot and Lacy Doolin won the Youth Fours, defeating two time defending champion Navy, and our girls Four of Mackenzie Mudgett, Stefanie Sobotka, Whitney Robbins, Annie Hammel and Katie Williams placed third over all and captured the high school medal for Riverview for the third year in a row, then you know what a glorious day it was!

In the spring, our boys’ varsity eight traveled to San Diego as defenders of the junior eights title where they came up against a very strong Canadian crew from Brentwood College, who ultimately won the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley in July. However, we did place second and can boast of never having lost to an American crew at San Diego in two outings. The girls’ eight placed fourth, a big improvement over the previous year when they didn’t make finals.

This was the year that marked another rule change in Florida Scholastic Rowing. When we didn’t have enough boys to fill out our Riverview men’s junior varsity eight and our Cardinal Mooney men’s third eight we filled the empty seats with girls. Nevertheless, Riverview won a silver medal and Cardinal Mooney won the gold medal. As a result, FSRA felt compelled to write a rule that in the future girls would no longer be permitted to compete against boys. Simply not fair!

It was a wonderful experience to be able to host the US National Team at our clubhouse for their Lightweight tryout camp. Then in August we had the pleasure of watching the lightweight four win a bronze medal in the Olympics at Atlanta.

Our Riverview boys won the varsity eights at the Florida States for the fourth year in a row, thus equaling the longest winning streak of any Florida crew in that event. Our girls Four won the Scholastic Rowing Association Championship in the Senior Fours for the second time in three years, going gold in ’94 and ’96 with silver sandwiched in there in ’95. Stefanie Sobotka was in all three boats.

As exciting as all this was, the crew’s achievements were crowned by the admission of so many of our seniors to outstanding colleges and universities with many of them receiving athletic scholarships. Kerry Ann Burzynski who was admitted to West Point said, “Rowing helped to mold and shape my studies”. Elizbeth Bergsrud, off to Florida had this to say: “Being a member of a crew teaches you responsibility and respect for other people. I organized my time better during the years I spent rowing”. Sarah Gray wrote , “I was very shy, and I will always be grateful to Peter for helping me to come out of my shell (no pun intended).” Matt Liwski credited crew with giving him better judgment. Katie Williams, off to Princeton where she will continue as a coxswain, describes the rowing club as “my second family”. Katie’s first family, Stan and Merry Williams have been a tremendous support to the crew, helping out at every opportunity, working, driving, housing US National Team rowers and visitors and fundraising. Many thanks to both.


Riverview - Varsity Men's Eight Champions for the fourth straight year. Chris Marot, Lacy Doolin, Tim White, Matt Liwski, Josh Guill, Andy Berster, Chris Liwski, Zar Toolin and Andy Tatsch hold the trophy.

Riverview's Katie Williams, Mackenzie Mudgett, Stefanie Sobotka, Whitney Robbins and Annie Hammel with their awards overlaid on their big open water win at the Scholastic Rowing Association Championships in the Senior Fours.

Winners of the Youth Fours at the Head of the Charles: Art Larkins (Sponsor), Lacy Doolin, Tim White, Mat Liwski, Josh Guill, Chris Marot and Peter de Manio (coach).

The launching beach at San Diego Crew Classic.
The girls celebrating at Bayside in Miami after the Miami International Regatta.
Kevin O'Neil instituted a fund for and endowment and gave the talk to the parents and guests at The Henley at the Oaks party which was a great success.
The Riverview Men's Varsity 8+ and Coach Peter collect the State Championship trophy for the 4th consecutive year.
The Riverview Women's Varsity 4+ collect their medals with Coach Peter for winning the Florida State Scholastic Championship.
Work continued on the clubhouse as here where we prepared a deck on which to do ergs and exercises.
The Women's 8+ in San Diego Crew Classic.
Riverview's women's Senior Fours winning the Scholastic Rowing Association Championship by a strong margin of open water.
The US National Team practicing on the Inland Water Way out of our clubhouse.
The US National Team practicing on the Inland Water Way out of our clubhouse.
The US National Team practicing on the Inland Water Way out of our clubhouse.
Working on completing the weight training room thanks to the generosity of the Evelyn Sadlier Jones Foundation and Howell Construction Company.
1995 - 1996

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