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Osprey Oars, a small, highly competitive rowing club emphasizing the pursuit of excellence on the water and in the classroom was founded by Peter de Manio in October of 2003. Its history begins prior to 1990 when Coach de Manio started the Sarasota Scullers, a club for rowers of all ages which included several Riverview high school students. This led to the formation of the Riverview Crew in 1991 which went on to win nine Florida State Championships. Students from other area high schools joined the Riverview Rowing Club and the creation of the Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program (SSYRP) to comply with the Florida Scholastic Rowing Association rules. SSYRP won two Florida State Championships. A small group of highly motivated athletes under the guidance of Coach de Manio formed the Osprey Oars in 2003. Riverview, SSYRP and now Osprey Oars have rowed out of the same location continuously since 1992.

Osprey Oars is open to all the youth of Sarasota County and draws from the student bodies of all the local high schools. The mission of Osprey Oars is to develop in its student athletes through rowing a love of the sport, appreciation for the dedication and commitment required to compete at the highest level, a respect for the competition, effective time management and leadership skills while never forgetting the importance of scholarship and community involvement.

History of Excellence

This history includes winning a total of nineteen Florida State Varsity Championships and three Scholastic National Championships. Coach de Manio has had four rowers selected to the Junior National Team, two former rowers selected to the National Team where one won a world championship and the other earned a position as an alternate on the US Olympic Team for the 2004 summer games in Athens.

Over fifty of Coach de Manio’s athletes received athletic scholarships to various colleges and universities. Twenty top student athletes have been admitted to Ivy League Universities. Additionally, many other student athletes have been admitted to top scholastic institutions that do not award athletic scholarships but do manage to find places in their institutions for good oarsmen.



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